Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hueco Tanks - El Paso Texas

Got done with work and wanted to see something new in El Paso, TX.  A glance through the guide made Hueco Tanks State Park seem interesting, and the 45 minute drive to the mountains was appealing.  So off I went.  The drive was beautiful and once I got off of 180, I never saw another car.  I took advantage of it and stopped frequently for pictures.  Once I entered the park, I asked about what I could see in the less than two hours I had before closing and Buck volunteered to take me around.  We had a great afternoon and he showed me so much more than I'd ever have seen on my own.  I never would have ventured into the crevices to find the pictographs!  I was kicking myself I didn't have my Canon travel camera that usually floats around with me and so I had to make due with my phone camera, but the results were good and you can find them here.

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