Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aylesbury - Chasing the Griswolds through Buckinghamshire

Spent a lovely day trying to locate the Griswold family and came up quite successful.  After pouring over microfilm from the early 19th century - where vicars carefully recorded the births, marriages and deaths, we were able to piece together things to about 1793 which was pretty incredible.  The 1851 and 1841 census was quite helpful. Tomorrow we'll head to Little Horwood to see the church where they baptized the kids, several who will eventually end up in Ogle County Illinois.  We ended the day in Oxford and had dinner at The Bear pub near the university.  Some pints of Fullers and fish & chips for our Thanksgiving Day dinner.  I will post pictures along with yesterday's trip to the Tower of London and St Paul's as soon as I can.  Sorry for the delay on that.

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Are you the Kevin Butler that went to the U of I back in 1979 and roomed with Jim Krysl and Dave Stover? ~Heinz