Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break 2009

From Bruges 2009

I know I'm not in college any longer, and even still I only had one great Spring Break (1992 in Ireland), but it is always nice to get a way for a week after a long winter. 2008/9 was a really long winter. We planned the trip in the cold of Door County at the Whistling Swan and after not settling on a warm destination, chose Amsterdam as it was easy to get to via United and decided to visit Bruges Belgium, too. I'll include 3 albums to browse of Bruges, Flanders and Amsterdam. Favorites were the Flanders Fields tour and Cambrinus where they had 400 beers of which we made it through 20. It was great to see new places and drink new beer!

Flanders Fields

I do enjoy Heineken more now after touring their brewery and having a great experience! The Van Gogh museum was fascinating in its special exhibit of Starry Night and the artistic journey that led to that painting. We did visit the Anne Frank house, though I've not read the book. The emptiness of it was touching given what occurred.

Citizen M Hotel Amsterdam Airport just defies description. The bathroom "tubes" recall Star Trek, yet I'd stay there again as it is convenient and Amsterdam is an easy jumping off point to the rest of Europe.

Like all vacations, the time passed too quickly. Next stop for me, San Francisco.


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