Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Germany - Funkturm & Schloss Charlottenburg

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Took a walk yesterday ... a long walk, but it was nice to see a bit of Berlin or at least 6 km worth! Click here for the photos The Funkturm used to be the highest structure in Berlin and was referred to as their Eiffel Tower. It is right in the center of our convention center and so to step outside where the smokers gather puts you right at the base of it. You'll also see a view shots of our booth and surroundings. I commenced my walk and discovered a bike shop as large as a Dominicks or Jewel-Osco! But with the exchange rate not so much in my favor, I was able to avoid temptation! And I've got enough bags coming home! I then wandered into a cemetery for a look around. The graves were often lettered in gold which made the names pop out easily. Finally after a few more street shots, we get to Schloss Charlottenburg, early 17th century and I believe at one time the largest palace. Of course it was bombed heavily, but rebuilt. A few more street shots and my walk was complete, my feet tired. We'll see what today brings.

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Christino said...

Schloss Charlottenburg is landmark of Berlin, also known as the Charlottenburg Palace, which is the largest palace in the city. It was built in the 1800s and employs beautiful architectural styles like rococo and baroque. Even though it experienced a lot of damage during World War II, several reconstructions and renovated now appears as beautiful as it was before.